Early Advertisement Pamphlets

These are Examples of some early Advertising in the Early Days of the
  Talking Machines popularity, when the pricing and distribution systems made
it possible for the Average Family to buy.

Victor Talking Machine Company was pushing  Record Sales
as this example shows, they published pamphlets every month with
a listing of the new releases and a little background on the artists.
The pink banner at the bottom would normally have the dealers
name and address.

The back of this pamphlet details plans to Record the
voices of famous and prominent people in England
for posterity

Not all areas where large enough to have music stores that sold phonographs and related items. In a good many areas  the
 General store, Dry Goods store, or in the case below,
the Jewelry store would dispense various brands of Talking
Machines. This dealer in Jefferson City MO. sold both Victor and Edison, but Has marked out the "And Edison" on his brochure.

This Merchant is not missing a chance, He is including a packet of
sewing needles (still attached) and Phonograph needles in the blue
tucked fabric. This was to insure his being remembered when it came
time to buy the "Talking Machine" everyone wanted.
 circa 1912 -1916

Edison's domestic company, the National Phonograph Company was very active in promoting there lucrative record business. This "Quarterly" record pamphlet, (this example "Spring Season of 1900")
   although the regularity of its publication is not known.
The Pamphlet lists the latest releases in many languages including,
 German, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.


"How We Gave A Phonograph Party",
A pamphlet that was available at the Music-Phonograph shop,
 describes in flowing prose, the Joy and exhilaration of giving
 a Party for your friends and family, where the Edison Phonograph
is prominent and on exhibit. The back of the pamphlet gave prices
for various models of Edison Talking Machines.
Circa 1899

The List above shows the pamphlets that are available and there number. This pamphlet is #67

This card was a hand out, handed to people on the street,
or it was issued at a Music/Phonograph store. The bottom
space is for the store name and address, why this one is blank
 I do not know.