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Edison Amberola 50
4 min. Cylinder Player

Amberola 50 front view
The amberola series was Edisons "ola" cylinder machines, the "ola" suffix
denoted inside horn machines for most manufacturers.
The 50 was the big brother of the smaller Amberola 30 players,
 and was in the line to the end of the cylinder era, incorporating
the best of what was learned in the past.

Amberola 50 Mahogany side view
With direct drive, Diamond "C" reproducer, spiral drive governor, double
 main spring and a comparatively attractive cabinet, they sold well.
Amberola 50 were offered in both Oak and Mahogany,
this is Red Mahogany.

Front, inside
This machine is in very good condition, All original, The finish was
 hand rubbed to restore the luster, waxed to protect it. All decals are original
and in very good shape. The Diamond "C" reproducer has
been repaired and sounds great. The grill cloth shows more pink than it is, because of the flash photo.

other side photo
The machine looks and sounds beautiful, Quiet motor all ready
to play and enjoy.

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