Bettini Replica
Attachment to Columbia AT

This is a replica of the Bettini attachments made for many machines, Edison, Columbia
and others. The reason for them was the deep rich tonal quality and volume that
 he was able to reach with his reproducers and horns.

This replica was made by Dan Bohline of California shortly before he died in
the late 90s.
He was getting the casting and adaptations down pretty close, the tonal quality
is close to the original. He made mostly Edison adaptors, I have one for the Ed. Standard
and I know several people that have one as well.

This machine is unique for its decorations and the decals, It plays
terrific, much better than the original AT setup. There is no lids
to these machines, as the reproducers are too high.

he price for this machine, horn and two 2 min. records,
California residence tax and Shipping additional.
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