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Table of Contents

Antique Phonograph Societies,  Information, Member guides, Contact with members of like interests. Schedules of Shows and Swap Meets        i-ii
About Wyatt's Musical & Shipping Instructions.        1-2
Edison Standard Phonograph, Motor and upper works parts.         4-8
Edison Home Phonograph,  Motor and upper works parts.       9-13
Edison Fireside Phonograph, Motor and upper works parts.    14-17
Edison Triumph Phonograph, Motor and upper works parts.     18-21
Edison Gem Phonograph, Motor and upper works parts.     22-25
Edison Diamond Disc / Edison Amberola 30, 50, & 75     26-27
Victor Outside Horn Machines, Motor, horn and tonearm mounting parts.    28-32
Victrola Inside Horn Machines, Motor, hardware and some cabinet parts.    33-37
Columbia Inside & Outside Horn Machine, Motor, hardware, Limited cabinet parts.    38-50
Brunswick Machines, Motor, tonearm and upper works parts.      51
Reproducers, Edison, Victor, Columbia, and etc. Parts and reproducers.    52-57
Decals (transfers) and Misc. Parts, Decals for many applications.     58-59
Horns and Crane Hardware, Horns and related hardware,     60-61
Books and Reading Material,     62-63