Edison Green, Long Case Home
Mod. A

2 Minute player

1901 - 1905

The " New Style " case of the 1901 issue Home Was longer than the
" Suitcase" style it replaced. The finish was a pale green giving
This case its nickname, "Green Case Home".


Homes have a stronger spring and motor than the smaller Standard machines,
and were priced higher.

Home Works

This machine as can be seen is a real find, all original finish on cabinet and bedplate,
the decals show little wear and are bright as you can see. The motor and upper
works are excellent, very quiet and work very well


We went through this machine very carefully, as befits its quality. The rubber spacers on the motor and the upperworks were replaced, all that could be done was done.

A Reproduction "C" reproducer is provided . You may
 want an Original, "C" 2 min reproducer to complete your

 machine. At the time of sale you may buy an original for an additional

normally $170.00 Rebuilt.

The original finish has been hand polished to a high luster.

All is original on this machine, with the exception of the Crank,
Horn and Reproducer
which are exact replicas.


Case & Horn

We all would like to find that proverbial mint machine in

Aunt Tilly's closet. Early collectors found these machines

and were able to buy them cheaply. We are now finding the

machines that need substantial work. The horns usually are

rusty (often through the metal), they are dented, from

small dings to large folds. and where used as funnels for fuel

and other things.

To restore an original takes a lot of skill and work, and when

   you get through you have a dimpled, wavy, repainted less than

correct original that I prefer not to put on my machines as

representing what the makers and skilled workers made.

  The Reproduced horns we sell and use are made exactly like

the originals, less all the rust, dents and high prices.


If you prefer a larger horn, check with us to see what is available
and what deal we can make you at time of sale.

The Price for this exceptional machine that has been gone through and needs
nothing else but to show off and enjoy is



Excluding Cal. St. Tax & Shipping / insurance.

Shipping to US and Canadian addresses only.

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