Early Phonograph Post Cards

In the Early days, The Talking machine was a
novelty,  it found its way into many venues.
 Here are a sampling of the Post Card  appearances
and Vailed advertisements.


This card fooled me when I first saw it Because it looks like the
30s and the caricature looks
 like Oliver Hardy.  On closer examination,
 it is post marked 1910.

Note the address. Jim Moore must have been
pretty well known, or there where few people
in Alderville PA.


This card is blatant advertisement.
The lady daring to show a little ankle
is standing on her recording holding an ace,
the caption reads "Ill stand on my record,
Ace High" Martha Steuer
trade mark 1909
A very nice Card with Gold Trim

RW to Miss Rose Bagley
Post marked 1913


The next 2 cards are
unmailed and we must guess at their
ages. both appear to be circa 1910 -
1920 by style, printing and guess.


This is not a post card, but a Photograph that I purchased recently.
It shows a part of the early Phonograph era that few know about.
In the 1890's, Men would travel around the country with Their
Phonographs and an assortment of records, giving concerts to sold
out auditoriums, filled with the curious and those that had heard
of the Talking Machine, but never heard one.
This Photograph could very well be a photo given to the local print
shops to print up the hand-bills and posters  for the nights performance.
This Exhibitor has an Edison Class "M", with a Bettini
reproducer and horn. A very expensive set, it shows that this man took
pride in his exhibition and invested in the best.