#H-107 and #H-109
This is a 10 panel Bell and Cygnet Elbow.

#H-107(10 panel) and #H-109       #H-108(11panel) and #H-109

The Edison Cygnet Horn ( consisting of H-109 and H-108 or H-107 ) is used
on most of the later models of Edison cylinder Machines. Black with Gold
stripping and decal, or Wooden Bells.

#H-108,      .#H-107

 11 panel used on larger Edison Machines, Triumph, Idelia, Etc.
  10 panel, tin plated steel and brass, Ed. Standard, Home, Etc.

For updated prices go to CATALOG "Horns and cranes hardware"


CYGNET Elbow, made just as the originals,
used with 10 and 11 metal panel and wood bells.

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