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Installation of Edison Cygnet crane

    The Cygnet Crane is simple to install, if the back mount is in place. The back mount  is the cast piece that is (or will be ) attached to the back of your machine, and has a tube and four screw holes. If your machine has this back mount, or has the four holes drilled into the back plate, then you may skip to # 2 .

# 1 The first thing to know is that the back mount will be centered on the mandrel, this will allow the carriage and horn even and smooth travel across the record. The next thing is to determine the height it should be mounted.
    Lay your machine on its front panel on a soft cloth, taking care not to damage the upper works. Lay the back mount on the back panel with the tube pointing towards the upper works. Position the mount with the tube in the center of the mandrel, This is the lateral position. With a ruler, raise the tube middle ring to 1 inch above the bed plate (wood or cast), straighten the mount and mark the mounting screw holes. Remove the mount and drill the four holes for the 10-24 screw/nuts that you will now use to fasten the mount to the case.

The larger cases such as Triumph with raised panels should be mounted like so
The tube middle ring even with the top of the bed plate, this will best span the panel.

#2 Your crane comes with two rods, the bottom rod is 1/2" diam. and is double bent with a cross pin at the bottom and a slotted hole at the top. Place this rod into the back mount with the bends going toward the rear. next place the 3/8" rod into the slotted hole of the bottom rod, with the rod arcing forward. the pins and slots will hold them.

# 3 With your crane there will be a Coil Spring and a Threaded rod and knurled nut. These will hold the horn. Place the threaded rod into the hole at the top of the crane, screw on the Knurled nut. The Spring should now be hanging below the Threaded rod.

# 4 Place the rubber horn connector over the horn tube, Hang the horn on spring,
then connect the rubber horn connector onto the Reproducer in the carriage. slide the tube on horn and reproducer leaving approx. 3/8" gap (cut off tubing if necessary) for free movement. Next adjust the Knurled nut until the crane is supporting the horn, the carriage is resting on the guide, and both carriage and horn move freely.

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