Victrola Repairs and all other crank phonographs. We repair all Phonograph and graphophone reproducers or heads. Edison, Columbia, Sonora, Etc.
Wyatt's Musical Americana
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         Musical Americana has been in the business of selling and servicing antique phonographs for
            more than 50 years. Until his retirement in 1975, the company was owned and operated by
            Tom Pollard of Soquel, California. At that time the entire business was purchased by Bob
            Fulwider, and Dale Hoyt, and the company was named Musical Americana. In 1978 Dale Hoyt
            retired from the business and Bob Fulwider ran the business until his death in early 1990.
            Dwayne and Donna Wyatt purchased the company July 1990 and changed the name to Wyatt's
            Musical Americana.

         Over the years, we have been able to accumulate hundreds of complete and incomplete
            machines. Most of these have been dismantled, which allows us to furnish almost any needed
            part. We also reproduce many hard to find parts to further accommodate our customers needs.
            As we are accumulating and selling parts, some parts listed in this catalog may be out of stock
            until we can locate additional stock.

       Parts Not Listed in our Catalog
         Because of our vast inventory, it is impossible to list all our in-stock parts in the catalog.
            If you do not find what you need, phone us with as much information as possible. We
            probably have it.

        Parts not stocked
         If you need a special or hard to find part that we do not stock, we probably can make it
            for you. We have a complete machine shop.

         We repair all types of crank phonographs, and all work is guaranteed. if you send us your
            phonograph or part that is in need of repair, it will be promptly examined and an estimate
            given if you request.

          Phone hours
         Our Work hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday.
        Due to so many phone calls disrupting our work day, we must limit our Phone Hours,
            in order to process orders and do the repair work.
           Our Phone Hours are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday thru Wednesday

       We have Different addresses for MAIL and UPS.
         Mail - PO Box 601
                       Lakeport Ca 95453

         UPS - #1 Wyatt Place
                       Lakeport Ca 95453

       Shipping (min. $6.50)
         We ship UPS in most cases, as we find it most reliable and traceable. Please furnish us with
            your complete street address when ordering. Add shipping to the posted price(s) and any
            excess will be refunded. Shipping and handling is, Shipping fees, plus boxes and a small fee for
     packing, and handling.

       Shipping Time
         All parts will be shipped as soon as possible. If we are temporarily out of stock on an item, and
        it is estimated that the time delay for restock will be longer than approximately one week, then
            the balance of the order will be shipped and a credit voucher for the out-of-stock item(s) will
            be issued and sent with your order with approximate date of restock of the item(s).

      Shipping and Packing Suggestions
         When shipping machines or parts for repair, please follow these guidelines:
            1) With machines, do not include the crank, cabinets or unnecessary wood frames and boards,
                cranes, horns, back brackets, tone arms, or other unnecessary parts.
            2) Do include all parts you have for the motor or top works and only what is needed for
            3) Pack well into a strong carton and place this into a larger carton packed well around
                 using plenty of packing. (tightly balled newspaper works well)
                 or make a wooden shipping crate, and bolt it down to the crate.

            4) Insure for the estimated value, just in case.
            5) Include list of items sent and work you wish done.

         We accept Visa,, Master Card, from the US and Canada.
            Orders from Other countries may be paid with the above Credit Cards  in U.S. funds.
            Bank Drafts or money orders are also accepted.
             Sorry no out of Country Personal or Company checks.
         We want you to be satisfied with our parts. if you are not satisfied return them within 10
            days for a full refund, less shipping. Parts for return after 10 days must have pre approval, and will be
           assessed a 10%  handling fee.

       Part Numbers
         Some part numbers listed are generic to a particular part (i.e. Columbia A-201 speed
            control and plunger, comes in several sizes), so all information you can provide (pictures,
            measurements, or sending old part), will be helpful. List model #.

        Parts to sell or trade
        Contact us for more information.

         Visits to our Shop
         We are Primarily a Mail-order business, But we are always happy to see customers who
            wish to stop by and visit, or bring an item for repair, etc.. We do ask that you call and make
            arrangements in our scheduling for your visit. Thank You.

      We close annually for 2 weeks in June and 2 weeks over Christmas holidays, and all national holidays ,