Valuable Links

These links may prove very valuable to you,  Visit them and See
 . P & L Antiques, Larry Jeannette - Phonographs - etc.
 . Tim Gracyk, Phonograph Information, Articles and more, Dedicated to Vintage Recordings
.California Antique Phonograph Society, C.A.P.S.
.Michigan Antique Phonograph Society, M.A.P.S.
.Canadian Antique Phonograph Society, C.A.P.S.
 ..The Old Crank  - - Vintage Phonographs and Etc.
..Crap-o-phones!Beware of Phony Phonographs
 . Jean Paul Agnard - Fine Reproductions and Phonograph Museum
.. Rene Rondeau - Phonograph and Jukebox Gallery
  Domenic DiBernardo - Gramophone Museum - -Large Collection from Canada
Tom Hawthorn - Record Auction - Record Sleeves and Albums