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Installing Edison Morning Glory Cranes

 Your H-113 Morning Glory horn crane assembly came with all you will need for installation less four small wood screws you must provide. The first thing is to identify your machine, Homes and Triumphs will have the same installation instructions, however Standards will be slightly different, to show this difference the instructions for Standards will be in Italics.

 (1) First the foot plate with the four holes is to be mounted on the bottom of your machine case with four wood screws (not included). The placement is as follows, Homes and Triumphs 7 inches from left side to center of plate  Flush with front edge.

 Standards 3 1/2 inches from left side to center of plate - flush with front edge.

At this time it would be a good time to check the condition of the rubber bumpers (rubber feet under your case). If they are badly worn or missing, They should be replaced, the foot plate will be setting on the table and not up as it should. Rubber bumpers Part #M2  - - $.40 each.

 (2) After installing plate, set machine upright and slide foot (large piece with 1inch long tube on top for crane rods) into the bottom plate. It should fit snug, if not adjust mounting screws to do so.

 (3) Next install Guide Plate (with large hole and bent end) under Oak bed plate directly over foot tube.

 (4) Take the smaller rod and place the "S" hook into the groove and with pliers squeeze to lock in place, next hook chain on and squeeze shut. The other end of the chain should have an open link to hook into the horn suspension loop.

 (5) Place largest rod down through guide plate into foot. Crane rod should be sturdy and relatively straight. Now with someone to help, place rubber connector onto reproducer and horn. Cut rubber tubing so as to leave a 3/8 inch gap between horn and reproducer tube. Install straight rod into bent rod. Now with someone holding the horn along the under side of  the crane, measure how much if any must be cut off the straight rod to allow the chain to hang straight down when hooked to the horn.

 (6) After the rod is cut and reinstalled screw in the set screw finger tight. Hook the chain into horn suspension loop. All weight of the horn needs to be supported by the crane, not the reproducer. Check to see that the crane neither pulls or pushes on the carriage. Last thing is to see that the carriage and horn move freely.

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