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   Our parts are listed in our catalog, and need not be duplicated here, But there are some things that are not listed. 
    The most common problem in phonograph repair is main spring  replacement. We make all our main springs and can make one to fit your machine if you give us the dimensions and how it is terminated, (pear shaped holes, bent over or loop end). If you have never replaced main springs, it may be a good idea to have us install them for you. See repairs.
     There are many brands unlisted and are quite well known, i.e.. Sonora, Silvertone, Lakeside, Pathe, Cheney and many more. We will have parts for these machines as well, it will just take some identifying
     Most machines with unfamiliar names have parts, motors, tone arms and reproducers that are made by a name company and probably have a lot in common. This is why if your particular part is not listed it may still be in stock. Your first step would be to call and give us as much information about you machine, include any name and or numbers on the motor if it is motor parts you require.
    Some parts will require your sending your part in for comparison with our stock.
    Our catalog reflects original parts which are available only until stock has been depleted, and may again be available when we find more parts. So all parts are not available at all times, and are subject to prior sale.
    Some parts are only available in reproduction, and some part prices are for reproduction, original parts when available will be higher
   We warrantee our parts against defect and will replace them free of cost if found to be defective.
     If you need a part that is not listed, inquire by phone so that we may discuss the exact description, make and function. Taking a photograph can help in identifying some items, make sure they are close enough and are clear.
     I believe that the other questions will be answered by the catalog
     Thank you