Services Provided & Approximate Cost
64 page Catalog of Phonograph Parts Available HERE

Main Spring installation
Most machine main springs run $40.00 per barrel for installation. 
An example, a 3 spring barrel needing 1 spring would run $120.00 plus the spring, as the other springs need to be removed, cleaned, checked, lubed and reinstalled
Edison Diamond Disc.                                                  $45.00 + m/s
Edison Triumph                                                      Inquire before sending.
Edison Gem  (send complete motor)                                      $90.00 + m/s
Columbia AU, Standard Talking machine, etc. open spring types ( Send Motor)    $90.00 + m/s
                       If you have a question please call

General Motor Repair
  Motor repairs for most brands are $100.00 to $180.00 plus parts - encludes cleaning and lube.
 If your motor requires more work or machining, you will be informed before
 the work is done. If requested an estimate will be given free of charge.
 All work done is guaranteed for 3 months from the date shipped.

Reproducer Repair
 Reproducers for most brands cost $45.00 plus parts.
 Orthophonic reproducers start at $65.00 plus parts, if they are serviceable.
 Drill and Tap thumb screw $15.00, plus new thumb screw.
 Edison "C","H","K","N" and others with sapphire styli, rotate stylus $20.00.
 Edison (as above) drill & tap hinge block screw $10.00 plus hinge block. ( Brass Body only )
 Edison reproducers, drill and install limit loop $15.00. (Brass Body only)
 Edison Diamond "C" (Amberola) replace sound tube & rebuild $95.00.
 Inquire for a price quote if your problem is not listed here.

General Repairs 
 Edison Standard, Home, Triumph 2/4, remove and replace center bearing $95.00 approx., plus parts. 
 Edisons clean and lube upper and lower works $170.00 approx.
 Most 78 rpm machines clean and lube motor $140.00 approx.
 If you have a job that is not listed call for a quote
 We do all repairs, but to numerous to mention here.